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Accelerate human learning.
Our raison d'être.

Quiz Me Ai, helps beat the "Curve of Forgetting", through spaced repetition.

"What is the Curve of Forgetting?"

Hermann Ebbinghaus describes, soon after the first hours of learning, our content retention capacity undergoes an exponential loss. In their experiments, the psychologist noted that immediately within 24 hours of learning we can forget 50% to 80% of the information!

Curve of forgetting

In a period of 30 days, the percentage drops to about 2%!

According to Ebbinghaus, repetition is a decisive and essential factor for greater retention of what we learn.

Periodic reviews are responsible for remembering more and more content, converting it into knowledge.

How does Quiz Me help with remembering what I learn?

Quiz Me carries out cyclic reviews, to help you remember content in increasingly spaced times.

These time intervals are determined by our algorithims based on your personal learning capability.

Quiz Me automates this cycle and facilitates the review sessions for you. We also make the process painless and fun!

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We hire the world's best and brightest people to help make this future a reality.

We're a growing team of engineers, education professionals and learners.

We believe learning plays a fundamental role in advancing cilivization.

Accelerated learning can help us expand our collective human consciousness and quickly get us to a Type II civilization on the Kardashev scale.

Thus, the tools we build to accelerate human learning will help us advance civilization, improving positive human outcomes at scale.

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